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Default What is up with vista's default defragmenter?

Ok, so I analysed the hard drive through the command prompt with vista's default defragmenter, and it said it was 0% fragmented. It was running slow though so i decided to try defraggler, it said it was at 43% fragmentation Could somebody explain the large difference between these 2 analyses?

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Smile Re: What is up with vista's default defragmenter?

That's because Vista's defragger (and 7's too IIRC) by default does not report fragments larger than 64 MB, while other defraggers do; hence the difference.

I never did like the Windows defragger (any version lol)..unbearably slow and crippled in features. Same with the freeware defraggers, many of which don't play well with the shadow copy system in Vista and 7 and also cannot defrag system files. It's not free, but my favorite defragger is Diskeeper. I am running v.2010 Pro right now on my gaming rig and it has a brilliant new feature that prevents fragmentation before it occurs, so it reduces the need for future defragging. Also, it's fully automatic so once installed it prevents fragmentation as well as defrags when necessary automatically in the background without my having to lift a finger

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Default Re: What is up with vista's default defragmenter?

Get some decent software it should seriously help improve your computer speed, similar to what it was when you first bought it.

Here are some suggestions for Defrag/System Tweaking Software Top 10 - Click here. that would solve your problem.
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