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Default System Restore turned off and 'Turn on system protection' greyed out


I have recently just successfully cloned my Old primary 1TB Western Digital HDD onto my new 1TB Samsung EVO SSD to increase hard drive performance to give it a quick boot up and to enable Windows and my programs to load a lot quicker and perform better with multi tasking. My laptop is one of the bigger 17inch Acer models which comes with two hard drive bays. So once I had wiped my older WD HDD I then inserted a new 2 TB Seagate hard drive into the second bay to be able to store it for personal and media files, and any other imprtant data, to keep it the SSD as the primary hard drive and just for OS and programs only. My system runs the Windows 8.1 OS and is 64 bit.

However, I wanted to create a restore point and upon doing so, I found that System protection was turned off for all my both my hard drives.

I thought I had managed to somehow enable system protection on my C:/ Dive (including the partioned / drive on the same hard drive) on my SSD, and yet though it shows them enabled, it shows the word missing next to them, and I am assuming this is telling me the previous restores are missing; whether as a result of cloning I don't know. The other weird thing is further up the properties page it also shows the C\ and D:\ Drive but turned off.

So I thought I would try increasing the disk space usage, since it was showing it at 0, and it would allow me to do so and returned the message: 'There was an unexpected error in the property page: The system cannot find the path specified (0x80070003). Please close the property page and try again' And I closed it and tried again and it repeated the same error.

I tried googling for other experiences of 'System protection turned off' as near to what I could find as relevant to my case, and tried the following:

System Restore not working anymore? - Windows 7 Help Forums

and then rebooted my laptop. However this did not fix the problem, and I can't seem to find any other relevant solution at this point so far and would appreciate any help on this issue.

I have attached files showing relevant points to the issue as I attempted to turn on system protection

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Default Re: System Restore turned off and 'Turn on system protection' greyed out

One of the things that can stop system restore from working is a virus or malware. It would seem that you have done all the right things to turn on system restore although I cannot quite read that error message. Even so I would now be checking my computer using my anti virus software ( I use MSE) and my anti malware software (I use malwarebytes)

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Default Re: System Restore turned off and 'Turn on system protection' greyed out

Appreciate your reply Pete.

I'm not dumb enough to not ensure my PC was checked for malware or viruses before cloning, and I did also do a complete image backup just in case as well. I have a paid subscription of Avast premier, plus paid for Malwarebytes Anti-exploit premium and Malwarebytes Antimalware. They are scheduled to run everyday whilst I also use the ESET online scanner from time to time as well. I don't use peer to peer, and I update windows on a regular basis weekly including checking applications are not out of date with PSI secunia, so I take very good care of my laptop.

Fortunately I have managed to solve the problem. I had to use the tweaking.coms Windows repair tool, which has a feature to scan your system restore and checks for previous parse (restore) points. After scanning it found them and offered also to fix them, which it did, and I have now been able to turn on system protection for my primary hard drive and re-enable system restore and have since been able to create a restore point. I am keeping a close eye on my laptop to ensure no further problem, but so far all seems good.

I appreciate your reply and wish yourself and everyone a good day
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system restore

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