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Default Serious Pc problem. Advice needed !

As my It instructor advised me, I downloaded and installed Wise registry cleaner pro trial, backed my registry up and used it. It found a registry virus ( quite strong ) and that virus took my system with him, when it was destroyed by the Wise Registry Cleaner.
I used ERG Commander to try and open up the system restore but it says, system restores are only avalable for Win XP and later - I have Win XP Pro.
I also cannot open cmd - " Cannot find the file specified ". All the dir-s for the files have been changed so the Windows does not know the place for the file, so they are all blanks and not openable.
I used Hirens Boot 9.0 to (HDD Regenerator 1.6) tool to recover a bad hard drive. But it found no problems which made clear to my IT instructor that there had been a strong virus. But, for he has no time, I ask here :
What should I do ?

I have no system restore points, registry has been messed up and deleted, files are partially broken. I CANNOT do a format, keep that in mind, before I gather all the pictures and photos from my hard drive C.

Post all the steps I need and keep in mind, telling this is impossible and takes too long is not acceptable, thank you, for your help.

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Default Re: Serious Pc problem. Advice needed !

First off, wrong section. This section is for forum suggestions, this should really be in software.

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking...

Start from the beginning. What exactly was the problem? And what was this "strong" virus? I'd always advise backing up before you let any automated tool run wild on your registry, however trusted it is. It sounds like this Wise registry cleaner (never heard of it) may have done something horrible to the pc.
keep in mind, telling this is impossible and takes too long is not acceptable
I'm afraid it may have to be acceptable if it has genuinely trashed your data!

Fortunately though there's a number of steps you can try first. Obviously you should be doing a format after you've got your data off though if your filing system is in this state.

First off, see if you can pop the drive in another PC and grab the data from there. If not, try running a full chkdsk on the drive and then do the same thing.

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Default Re: Serious Pc problem. Advice needed !

Can you try pressing start > run

then type c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe

that should give you your command prompt back.

if that is the case then I suspect that the problem is related to some environmental variables that have been changed/deleted, and these should be reasonably easy to put back...

if by following the above instructions you manage to actually get into a command prompt can you type


and copy the output to here so we can see what variables are set.
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