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Default re-formatting my HDD

OK I have a problem with my OS! I am using Nortern and it ran out when I didn't have time to update it (never using it again) and it downloaded a virus witch started to delete my system32 and it then deleted explorer.exe so now I cant do anything on my PC, I have decided I need to reformat it and start from scratch. I bought windows 7 to use as an OS but I cant instal it because I have 900mb left on my c drive (don't ask).

I know how to reformat my c drive using dos but I cant get too dos, I have got a live Linux CD (opensuse) but I cant figure out how to reformat my PC using shell prompt (the command prompt of Linux). So I then tried to get an iso image of msdos 7.10 and burned it onto a CD and tired it only to find out it was an instal image and I again don't have enough space to instal it.

So that is what I have tried so far, my question(s) are.

is there a live CD ISO image of msdos (doesn't matter witch version)?
Or can anyone tell me how to reformat my c drive using Linux opensuse

and can you verifier that this is the command to reformat my c drive using dos “format c: /s “
taken from this website http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_2247047_fo...-dos.html?cr=1

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Default Re: re-formatting my HDD

You can format the drive using the Windows 7 DVD.

Clean Install Windows 7

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Cool Re: re-formatting my HDD

With a clan install, doesn't that put your current HDD content in a folder and dump it somewhere? And if the virus is still there wont it attack me again?

And if I do a clean install will I still be able to partition my HDD?

ok no. that woont work for some reason i dont know why but when i go through the proses of instaling windows 7 vier clan, where i boot up my pc and incert the instal CD, when ii incert the CD nothing happens and the reason why is probably that exploer.exe has been deleted.

So basiccly i need to reformat now to wipe my HDD so that i can do the other instal where it instals it next to the other OS, witch i shouldent have on there anyway.
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