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Exclamation Photoshop design help - new to program

I know this sounds like I am asking for someone to do my homework, but I am actually a novice Photoshop user whose teacher expects genius work, I just want someone to help me with this or my grade stays at an "F". PLEASE!

Hello, I need help with a project I am working on for Graphic Design for my college course, I took this class a year ago and talked to the teacher to allow me have an "I" (incomplete); which currently its an "F" which drops my GPA very low (even though I had done 5/6 projects, since I took an 'I" for the class he is requiring me to do all projects). At the time, the class was being removed from the catalog of classes and it ended up being him and me only in his office. I thought it would be easier but it ended up making him lazy. Since I know nothing about Photoshop/Illustrator, I find myself a 5 semesters later, holding an "F" as my grade for his class. His attitude and intimidation has made me switch majors and I am in Computer Aided Engineer Design, I need to finish this last project so my GPA jumps back up so I can get car insurance discounts and tuition money.

Now to the point:
I have actually done most of the project, which was done in illustrator, my problem is creating an image in Photoshop. My project was to create a leaderhead and envelope design, I have designed both but the last thing is to create an image that corresponds to the business. I chose to do SPC (St. Petersburg College). I have turned in this project 6 times (2 of which a professional friend of mine helped me with) and he kept denying my work because it wasn't original. He wants me to start from scratch and design an logo without using any images or pasting something. Below are examples of what he was interested in, some he actually showed me.

Examples of what he likes:
1. http://pccd-news-events.smugmug.com/...36_4FaKT-L.jpg
2. http://pccd-news-events.smugmug.com/...27_QfZhH-L.jpg

In #2 he likes the idea of having some sort of well known architecture on campus incorporated in the logo.

I am desperate for help, as I have said before, I have done this project 6 times and I am in need of some professional help.
If you want to we can meet up and you can show me/help me on the project or we can figure out some other way.
If you email me I can send you what I have so you can help me.
I am trying to turn this in either tomorrow or Friday since I am leaving on a trip on Saturday for a week.

I am not too focused on learning the program since I am no longer taking any classes since I changed my major, I just need to get this done.
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