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Question Photo Shop.

Now I am really into gaming and I think im even going to start making YouTube videos. But first I need some tips. #1: Is there a free version of photo shop? #2: I have no experience with photoshop so can you edit videos with it? #3: If no to the first 2 what should I get?

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Default Re: Photo Shop.

Photoshop is just for editing photos and images. You really can't do video with it. But as a far as free alternatives there's always GIMP and another one I like is pixlr.com which is web based.

I have used Sony Vegas and Premier for video editing but I don't know of any good freeware programs. If someone here can suggest one I'd be interested also.

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Old 12-08-2015, 06:31 AM   #3
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Default Re: Photo Shop.

Photoshop has a subscription you can sign up for.
That way you are only borrowing the program, but you get it cheaper. Might be something to consider.
Or be an a**hole like me and crack it.

I don't have much experience with free video editing tools. but the experience i have isn't good.
If it isn't a simple 1 layer video editing program like MS Movie maker, it's ether old and outdated or a stripped down version of the full program or a program that can only export in one single format with limited and locked to lower quality settings (unless you pay).
Some allows exporting to youtube in a limited resolution as the only option. Like Lightworks

You might wanna give that one a try. You said you were gonna do some youtube videos, right?
It's a full program with pro tools, but it can only upload in 720p and to youtube only. (again... unless you pay 20 bucks a month for unlocked resolution settings and ability to export to local file formats)

Will simple single layer editing do?
In that case, just use Movie Maker.
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Default Re: Photo Shop.

There is a program called Gimp that is similar to Photoshop and is free. You can also get Photoshop free for 30 days through a trial. Otherwise, like BikerEcho said, it's available through subscription, so you don't have to put a huge lump sum amount down.

Sadly, no, you cannot edit videos with Photoshop... I don't know of a free program that does video editing, either.
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