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Default Noob Question: Making Computer Less Laggy?

I'm probably way less experienced than many of you... I'm not a computer geek, but I do know how to use them and fix problems quickly. I'm the computer fixer not only in my family, but for friends too. I'm still a "noob" to y'all doe I guess.

So my question... I don't know where to put it, here seems the best. I play an online game with slot machines (in-game money) and it's a pay-to-win game. So far it has taken me 3 days of constant auto clicker to finish the slot machine challenge 2/3 of the way.

I notice that after 12 hours, it gets SUPER laggy and restarts itself. Otherwise, it is the second fastest laptop in the fleet of 6. It's running windows 7. No random downloads, no viruses, it's just a couple years old and relatively low ram (3GB)...

So would any of the following speed it up?

- Removing large programs that take up space on hard drive
- Removing all programs from startup except the vital ones

Nothing other than windows processes are running while the computer is on, and chrome of course... Chrome uses 400MB of ram when I play the game (it's an in-browser game)... Is there any way to allocate more RAM to chrome? Is that dangerous? How would I do this?

Anything else you can think of to help speed it up while it autoclicks would be great! (BTW, I have it in front of the AC to keep it cook & it is elevated on a book so all the air intake/fans are unblocks and blow into the air... I also restart the computer twice per day)


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Default Re: Noob Question: Making Computer Less Laggy?

Ok the first thing you can do is to remove the programs on start up that aren't required. Uninstalling programs from the HDD won't boost performance.

As for the RAM reallocation, I am pretty sure that you can't allocate to a specific program but there is a way to have it better used. When I get home I will give you the steps with the right wording so it's easier for you.


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Default Re: Noob Question: Making Computer Less Laggy?

A guide I made with some useful tips and tricks http://www.computerforums.org/forums...er-224958.html
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