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Default Need help partitioning hard drive...cannot access the rest of hd from Fedora...

Ok so I am new to Linux but really like it..its can't replace Windows in all ways, mostly for internet and video things, but it is superb in many other ways. My XP is down right now as I need to reinstall so I decided to install Linux. At first I just had Kubuntu installed with a dual boot with my XP OS..but I decided to try out Fedora as well. Well things were just fine when I was running Kubuntu..I could access my entire hard drive...like as in my files from my xp partition...but now that I installed Fedora I can only access the partition that Fedora ITSELF is installed in....I hope its a minor problem, because I have a feeling that I just set up my multi boot system in the wrong way..like partition wise...Its no big deal to have to delete all my Linux distros and reinstall them if need be..but here's the scoop..here's a screen shot of my current partition set-up..
I'll explain this a bit as well incase the link doesn't work
I have many partitions and I'm not sure how many are correct or if I made my extended partition correctly so I need some help on this please:
Hard Drive
/Dev/Sda1 - This is my XP partition (NTFS)....along with all my personal, but not too important, files..this was created before I found linux which is why it's not 2 separate partitions..that's another thing that I would like to accomplish..I want to move all my files and such to one partition and just have a raw XP boot/run partition (i think this is what I want but am willing to take any recommendations if you catch my drift as to what I want to do)
/Dev/Sda2 - This is my Kubuntu partition (all I know is that it is just the "/" partition for this, not sure if the software updates and programs..such as drivers for amarok or other things..are being installed here or if its just the plain boot partition (ext3)
/Dev/Sda3 - This is my extended partition..created here because I had to delete my linux swap file to add more partitions..then added the swap file back into the ext. partition
/Dev/Sda5 - Linux SWAP (please inform me if this works with both Kubuntu and Fedora without creating two SWAPs)
/Dev/Sda6 - My Fedora partition...again the same as my description for my Kubuntu partition, not sure if its just the raw boot or what)
/Dev/Sda7 - an empty NTFS partition that I created which I was going to move all my personal files to from my XP partition, but HAVE NOT done so yet
/Dev/Sda4 - This is supposed to be my /Home partition which was setup when I installed Kubuntu..however, I do not believe that it is being shared with Fedora for whatever reason....

Ok...this is what knowledge I want from you great folks here....see if you can fill me in and help me out on this stuff...

1)After I installed Fedora
a)If won't let me access the rest of my HDD except for the Fedora partition (and in the explorer window it doesn't even name the fedora partition /Dev/sda6 like it should, it's something like /a1)
b)If won't let me boot Kubuntu from the GRUB loader thing...it errors out...not exactly sure what it says...maybe something about the run file or what not...but Kubuntu booted JUST FINE before I installed Fedora!....btw the GRUB loader will let me boot XP.....

2)I need to know if it is just easier to fix the partition layout or just delete all of them (except my XP partition!!) and just start over with a cleaner setup

2.5)I need to know how to set-up this multi-boot system to have:
a)one partition for a raw windows boot
b)one partition to put all my windows files in, but be able to share with all my OS'es (mostly music, word docs, movies)
c)one partition for raw Kubuntu boot
d)one partition for raw FedoraKDE/Foresight boot (not sure which..not liking Fedora too much right now...plus Kubuntu is already a KDE and I don't really need two..)
e)one partition (i think i've heard this be called the "home" partition) to be used to share Linux only files
d)one partition for SWAP..atleast I think you only need one....
f)one partition or free space left to partition at a later date to install vista raw boot

3)Is there any possible way to have more than 8 partitions without another HDD? because I've heard only 8....1(-3 Primary, then an Extended with 1-4 Logical..don't know if this info is correct however).....?

Thank you SO much for any response I get..it will be GREATLY appreciated!

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