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Default my pwoblems REPOSTED! (in black)

Well guess wut I hope ur all happy cuz here it is again.....in full on black...

iscenario 1: it started off as just a normal night and i was sitting on my bed, watching one of my favorite movies, Anchorman, on my computer. i was tired and it was like 3, so i finally fell asleep. i wake up the next morning and suddenly...my laptop's on the floor! it had fallen off my bed during the night! so anyways i figure "no big deal" and i turn it on. normal startup, but icons screwed up....

to make a long story short none of my .EXE files can be opened and i cannot do any system restore or any of that fancy stuff. it wants me to fricken "CREATE AN ASSOCIATION IN THE FOLDER OPTIONS MENU", which is COMPLETELY retarded seeing as that's for FILES! what a moron my computer is! I really, REALLY need help, i cannot use any programs and my FRIGGIN internet is messed up to. it's wireless, so if u have any ideas thatd be grrreat...

ok, moving on. so for the past week or so i have resorted to using my little brother DuRoss' computer. now, keep in mind with both of these they had hardcore Norton shit and i don't even have limewire or kazaa AND oh yes, it had AD AWARE as well...

anyways, just now it was working COMPLETELY fine when i suddenly got the idea of going to the logitech website to download the update for my webcam. so i do that all right, i restart the computer, and i wait....

it shows the little fujitsu thang in the beginning, and then to that stupid "we are sorry for the inconvenience..." screen, with all the options on sarting windows on it. i chose start windows normally and it does the windows xp thing, lalala...and then a QUICK blue flash with something written on it and it starts. AGAIN.

i tried to do it in safe mode, last good configuration...omigod i waste SO MUCH OF MY LIFE FIXING THESE THINGS!!!! IM ABOUT TO HAVE A SERIOUS BF because both of these friggin laptops have had to be rebooted or w/e (windows COMPLETELY reinstalled) at least twice! FOUR times for mine! this is bullcrap! do fujitsu computers just SUCK? or is aim or myspace screwing up my comp!?!?!? ahhh NEEEEEDDDD HELP!!! thank u!


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Default Re: my pwoblems REPOSTED! (in black)

stop reposting, i already put it in black for you.

anyways i don't think its aim or myspace screwing you.

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Default Re: my pwoblems REPOSTED! (in black)

Maybe when it fell you did some damage to the hard drive.
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Default Re: my pwoblems REPOSTED! (in black)

That is very possible, i would do a system scan on it and tell it to do one a bootup..

Try this:
1) go the C DRIVE
2) right click it, and go to properties
3) click the tools tab, and go to SCAN DISC button
4) tell it to do a scan on your next bootup or restart
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