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Default managing photos


I am looking at the best way to manage that thousands of photos that I have in my pictures directory. As they have been backup up many times of the year I am sure that there will be duplications of some kind.

Is there an easy way to delete the duplications and ultimately make handling these files easier and more user friendly?



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Default Re: managing photos

Yes, instead of haveing to manualy back up and end up duplicating your photos on to sperate harddrive and then haveing to keep each drive up to date with each other wich is a pain in the arse, look into some kind of NAS (Network added storage) or a server of some kind so you can acsses them all one device, and also it means you can acess them from anywere in the world via any device with a internet connection.

Now this may sound a risk keeping it all on one device but if you get as RAID? setup it will basicly have two or more harddrives, were each one is contantly cloneing the others, so if one drive fails the others are excat copys of the failed one so you wont losse your storage and becusse there constantly cloneing each other you dont need to worry about each one beein up to date.

also you could have one manual back up that you just wipe once a week or mounth then copy the data from the raid systerm onto, so it will be yet anothe back up no more than a week/mounth out of date and you dont need tow worry about keeping many mulipal hardrives/usb stick up to date with each other, sorry If I have not explained this very well, I dont acutly know anything really about raid but is something I am meaning to look into for the same purpose.

its not cheap though as if you want say a 1TB storage you need to buy two or three 1TB drives wich sucks....

Ill let the pros explain it in detail and much better and hopefuly we can both learn something.

I gurantee you would almost have to be trying to loose your data on purpose to loose photos with this kind of setup.


p.s sorry for error it is very late here and I am very tired.
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