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Default Learn Linux

This semester we were taught basic operating system functionality....like paging,segmentation,virtual memory,demand paging,disk allocation,memory allocation,disk scheduling,cpu scheduling,etc...form Galvin operating systems book...now i want to learn more about operating systems...such as linux...how it works...command prompt,etc on the same lines as we were taught...somebody told me that pearl is the language of linux...should i learn pearl....??

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Default Re: Learn Linux

Perl would be nice to know. If you really want to learn Linux, then install it on an old machine to play with.

One of my teachers said, "If you want to play with Linux, then any distribution will do. If you want to learn Linux, then go with Slackware."

Slackware is a command-line Linux (well, all of them are, but most, like Ubuntu, slap a GUI over it so you don't have to use the command-line for the majority of tasks), and if you do a manual install in verbose mode, you'll get plenty of information about the OS as you install it.

The learning curve is up there, but it may be worth your while.

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Default Re: Learn Linux

For learning linux first you need learn about basic commands in linux and how we use the commands. Please follow below url for more info.

Linux Commands A system Adminstrator Life
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Default Re: Learn Linux

thanks a lot...i am really confused...any more replies would be appreciated...thanks
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Default Re: Learn Linux

Originally Posted by prashantgolu View Post
thanks a lot...i am really confused...any more replies would be appreciated...thanks

Do you have any specific questions regarding the linux commands that sahabcse posted?

I highly recommend you read over this document first:
Introduction to UNIX and Linux: Lecture 1

That is a very basic introduction to Linux / Unix operating systems and how they work.

If you want to work with a Linux operating system here are your options (So you can get started with out much hassle):
  1. Install Linux on a partion of your hard disk
  2. Install Linux on a different machine
  3. Install linux using WUBI (will be explained)
  4. Install Linux on a virtual machine (will be explained)

I'm going to cover the last two options here as I believe they are the most likely options that a person who wants to see "what linux is all about" will take.

3) Installing Ubuntu Linux using the Windows Ubuntu Installer.
This installer will allow you install an independent Linux distribution on your hard disk "on top" of Windows. This means that you will not have to reformat or re partition your disk. Wubi also acts a Windows application so you can remove it from the add/remove software control panel when you are done.

The following web pages has detailed information on how to download and install Wubi:
Download | Ubuntu

4) This will allow you to install Linux on a virtual machine.
"completely isolated operating system installation within your normal operating system".
This will allow you to remain within Windows (booted into Windows) and install and configured a Linux OS.
There are many free software virtualization solutions available. I am going to provide you two FREE and completely legal downloads which will allow you to run a Linux VM

The first is called VMware Player which can be downloaded here:
VMware Player: Run Windows 7, Chrome OS - Free Download for a Virtual PC

You also have another option developed my Oracle named Virtual box:

Both solutions will allow you to install an Operating system within a virtual machine. It is purely a matter of preference which software you wish to move forward with.

With a virtual machine you will have to perform an installation of an operating system, as I've already mentioned the Windows Ubuntu installer I am going to provide you a guide on how to download an ISO (virtual disk image needed to install the operating system) and well Install the operating system:

The following web page will allow you to choose the Architecture of Ubuntu that you wish to download:
Download | Ubuntu Please refer to your computers processor for what to download. If you have any specific questions as to which version to download please post your computers manufacturer and model number and I'll be happy to help.

After you have successfully downloaded the ISO (disk image) please follow the steps outlined here to install it onto your virtual machine:
As always if you have any specific questions or run into problems please do hesitate to ask.


P.S - If this post also helped you reputation is always appreciated =)
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