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Default laptop: swapping SSD's w/ dif O.S ?

I have a 4 year old Toshiba laptop ( $250 christmas special. Just used for browsing ).
It had Win 8.1 but I got Win 10 when it was offered.

I have Linux mint on a bootable USB.
If I get a 2nd SSD can I take out the SSD with Win 10. Place the new ( blank ) SSD in and load Linux mint into it?

Then can I swap SSD back and forth between SSD #1 ( Win 10 ) and SSD#2 ( Linux mint ) if I wanted to?

I'm aware of the dual boot and V.M.

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Default Re: laptop: swapping SSD's w/ dif O.S ?

When you say "Load Mint into it" you mean install it? If you do, then yes, you can do the swap.

If you just want to run the live CD you don't need secondary memory (SSD).

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Default Re: laptop: swapping SSD's w/ dif O.S ?

Yes, you can do what you are proposing but it seems like it would be a PITA to have to physically swap the SSDs in/out to swap between OSes.

Why don't you wish to use dual boot or a VM to accomplish what you want? Another possibility is to use the DVD bay (if the laptop has one) to install the 2nd SSD and then choose which to boot from at boot time.
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