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Default Dual core processor running on vista buisness 32 bit?

first off, i DID try to search, but when the image loads, it just vanishes. yes, i've tried refreshing it. if this has already been asked, please, just give me a link to the thread.

i'm looking into buying this computer*:

i called to make sure all the details were set. they were. just one problem. they supply the 32 bit version of vista buisness, not the 64 bit version. from some googling, i found out 64 wont run old 32 bit software that has some 16 bit coding in it. half-life (the original, hacked for won2!) seems pretty old to me, and i play tons of cs 1.5. i asked the sales clerk if the dual core processor was compatible with the 32 bit, and he told me they were, along with the rest of the hardware. so, my question is, should i take the 64 bit version or the 32 bit version? i have a few old programs, bits and pieces, and odd files laying around that may have 16 bit coding. i have no clue, but i would think they would (can anyone tell me a rough cut-off date from when they stopped 32 bit coding?). also, if i run the dual cores on a 32, will it be any slower than if i ran a 64? thanks!

* they dont ship to canada, so if i dont find a way to get it over, i'm gonna have to buy some other prebuilt and add an 8800. so, if i come back a little while later, dont be too surprised!

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Default Re: Dual core processor running on vista buisness 32 bit?

i think u should go with32 bit since its cheaper rite? and yea u want more compatibility so u should go with 32 bit because i know of games that only run in 32 bit.

64 bit is btr performance i think

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Lightbulb Re: Dual core processor running on vista buisness 32 bit?

with 64 bits u will get 5 -10 % better preformance with the programs using 64 bit technology. With 32 bits programs u will see no diference.

For me 32 bit is best for home and small business and 64 bit just for servers and workstations.
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