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Default Changing cookies or computer ID on an iPad?

I have an iPad - sorry might word this question slightly wrong as not techy but hopefully someone will understand what I mean.
Is there a way of changing cookies.. Or computer id (on iPad) so sites don't recognise you?

What I'm trying to do and problems I have
I sell items online and some sites only allow a couple of free listings .. So easy enought to put in a couple of different emails and get few more. However they have stopped people doing this. I've searched for VPN to put me in a complete different location. I think this was working at first but now that's stopped too. Basically I would need to use a complete different computer on a different IP address. (I know how to change IP address with VPN)
Now I've been doing bit of homework and seems it's "cookies" that has this info and how they recognise me (even with different email or IP address) .. I've gone to block cookies on my iPad settings.. However the site does not let people log in unless cookies enabled.
I've also deleted cookie history in hope that gives me a fresh look but no.. It still recognises me.
So basically I need to change this cookie info.. Or the iPad ID so that cookies sees it as fresh new computer. (Although the I've not changed Apple iTunes account, I've read that this doesn't work)
Any ideas or apps?
Thanks in advance

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Default Re: Changing cookies or computer ID on an iPad?

First thing that comes to mind, is don't cheat websites you use. If you need more listings, pay their fees.

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Default Re: Changing cookies or computer ID on an iPad?

On your iPad just go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.

This will erase all cookies but that's probably not enough if they are tracking your public IP you'll need a new one every time. Probably easier to just pay the fee on whatever site you are using.
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