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Default Speculation of this years video cards

The GTX 3xx and the ATI 5xxx series

I've been looking around while I was looking at some AMD Deneb news - still waiting for the AM3 chips to be released this month - and decided to look up some of this.

First speculation of the GTX 3xx series -
GTX 350 from this link

We got to know the related news but we are not so sure about this:

GT300 core
55nm technology
DDR5 2GB memory, doubled GTX280
480SP doubled GTX280
Grating operation units are 64 the same with GTX280
216G bandwidth
Default 830/2075/3360MHZ
Pixel filling 36.3G pixels/s
Texture filling 84.4Gpixels/s
Cannot support D10.1 .10.0/SM4.0
An 830Mhz Core and 3360Mhz shader clock seems nasty fast but like Nvidia did with the first GTX series their starting out with a huge 576mm die - even though it's on the 55nm technology.

Do you think that could be a realistic idea of what the GTX 3xx series could be?

ATI is seriously surprising me and one of their concept's is truly revolutionary. Concept card link
Concept card Picture
Plus the other cards

I seriously like that idea and think it could pull through - Notice the date on the post though as it was in Aug 2008 - So, due to the age of the post the following might be more realistic -

Seems like there's going to be a add on to the 4 series. From the looks of this link they could be adding things to the current RV770 architecture and making a 49x0 series. That seems like a smart idea and with that it seems like they might be release around March. While the 5xxx series is what I'm really looking forward to, that might have to wait till late summer.

Here's another link that talks about the new 49x0 series AND a rumor of the new upcoming GPU's to be based on the 40nm process.

So, overall, what are your thought's? I know it might be a bit early into the game to be thinking about this, but I just can't help looking a few things up.
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