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This is entitled:

"I Hate Stupid People"

I wrote this editorial in response to a woman who recently killed her two sons by leaving them in a hot car while she took a nap in the car with them.


See this is what I'm talking about. I hate stupid people. I think that they are the one group that it should be legal to discriminate against. Personally (and I know that no one is gonna agree with me) I think that she should get a just as bad if not worst sentence than someone who killed their children on purpose. Here me out. The criminal justice system is supposed to protect society from people that are a danger to society like thieves, murderers, rapists, etc. Well I feel that this woman and others like her are just as much a risk to people due to her stupidity. I can at least feel safe with a cold-hearted murder or a robber when I'm walking down the street in the middle of the day. They won't do anything because they have better sense then to rob and kill me with half a million witnesses around. And I can try to avoid other more dangerous situations. Stupid people are a danger 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in any situation.

"Oops, I didn't realize that if I left my kids in the car the heat could kill them." "Oops, I didn't realize that if I throw a penny off the top of the Empire State building that it could kill someone on the side walk." "Oops, I didn't realize that if I left the gas on in my house it could blow up and kill my neighbors in the yard."

## STUPID MUTHAF*****!!! You are just not equipped to handle living in this society. ##

I not saying give all stupid people the death penalty, just send them all to some deserted island permanently and let them kill each other off. We'll drop food once a week, and we'll all feel a little safer. Actually, that might be the next great reality-based show, "STUPID ISLAND - How Long Will They Survive." Maybe the last one to still be alive wins an invitation back to society. Knowing stupid people though, I'm sure that they will all die at the same time in a tree cutting down incident.



The point of this editorial is that society has become too forgiving. Often, people act like just because it was an accident it's alright; just because you didn't mean it others can't be mad. I'm sorry that you made a mistake, but you still have to deal with the consequences.

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Default Re: NETUSER - Just for you!

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