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Default Re: Gran torino

Originally Posted by root View Post
it wasn't the area that i found unbelievable, it was Clint Eastwoods Charecter.

<spoiler below as to why I found it unbelievable>

in just three days he goes from bitter old racist to leaving his most treasured possessions to someone of the race that he seemingly hates the most!
worse, a guy that just half an hour earlier he didn't like and didn't trust because he'd tried to rob him.

not being funny, but if I was an embittered old racist, I think it'd take more than a guy stealing my car and being made to apologise to quell my racism, in fact I think that it'd only make it worse.
Its more like a few weeks not 3 days because doesn't taal work for him for 2 weeks?

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Default Re: Gran torino

i literally laught for like 3 minutes straight when he called that boy a pusscake.it was sooo funny

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Default Re: Gran torino

Originally Posted by David Lindon View Post
Its more like a few weeks not 3 days because doesn't taal work for him for 2 weeks?
even so... Clint Eastwood a bitter old racist. (in the film)
he hates everything 'oriental'... cars, people, culture the lot.
he think that they are all lazy slobs who have no respect for themselves or their neighbourhoods, and he especially hates the people next door because they don't look after their lawn, and the kid tries to steal his car to get into a gang.

the guys cousins are always coming round in their shitty civic, making a noise.
he even hates the fact that his son drives a Japanese car, cause he think he should drive American. on the grounds that he worked at Ford.

then three weeks later they are the best of mates and he's leaving his most treasured possessions to the guy?
he dies for him?
all because what? he figures that he's not so bad after all, and he can mo a lawn and fix a gutter?

perhaps if the film was set over the course of a year that's be one thing, but as it is it's like less than a month from the time he hates everything about this kid to when he's leaving everything to him...

I'm just saying that simple fact (for me) makes the plot a bit weak and unbelievable. if they'd have stretched it out a little more, perhaps shown some kind of change in season to make it look like it was set over a greater time then the plot may have stood up a little more.

I mean correct me if I'm wrong, but he's a bitter old racist, based on the fact that he fought in Korea, he hates everything...

Then in three weeks he's best mates with everyone and leaving them his most treasured possession in the world. a mint 72 Grand Torino that he built himself in his last days on the job to the people he hated what twenty odd days ago?

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