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Old 10-16-2009, 06:09 PM   #1
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Default Faceplate stolen!

Ok I'm dumb. It's mainly my fault but anyway...I was at a club and drove this chick I'm dating home (possibly useless fact). Of course a person wouldn't lock the door after they get out if I'm just dropping them off. That wouldn't make sense but I forgot to lock it after I parked at my house. Well wouldn't you know it, I forget to lock the passenger side door and some ass-wipe comes along and steals the faceplate off my CD deck. Now there's two people who own half a CD player that's completely useless. Apart from the faceplate and the CD that was in the player that's all the person(s) stole. I had a folding knife on the seat, some Alpine speakers behind the seat and about $10 worth of change in a dash compartment and a hoodie which was left behind. I just don't get it.

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Default Re: Faceplate stolen!

Hard to say..Good possibility they got spooked, etc. You can replace most faceplates for decks, However it's almost cheaper to just spend a little bit more and get a nicer deck. I have mine mounted in a custom fabricated Glove compartment. Amp is bolted to the floor under the drivers seat which needs to be taken off to get to the amp, or atleast remove it. If you give criminals and thieves the opportunity, They WILL take it.

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Default Re: Faceplate stolen!

That sucks dude. It's weird how they took only the faceplate.
But sensi is probably right, they most likely got spooked.

I tried to see if they was any type of locking system you could buy for it.. Don't see one.

On a more positive note, I am getting a whole new sound system around Christmas for my car xD
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Default Re: Faceplate stolen!

always take the faceplate off...
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