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Default Dell issues

I'm sure that you have all been mad at one computer supplier or another, and I really dont want to bore you with this. But I fell that i have to announce what kind of service you may encounter when i order from Dell.

I placed an order the 22nd September on a Dell Studio system that I tough seemed suitable for me. Immediately after I received a receipt stating what I have ordered and that I shall regularly check my email to get an status update of my order. The receipt also says that I will get an order confirmation once my money transaction is cleared. The funds where available on my account and when I logged onto my internet bank account I could see that Dell had reserved money for my order. But after some days the money reservation Dell had done disappeared and no order confirmation showed up.

I looked forward to getting my new computer fast because I need it for my schoolwork and my old one had crashed. But I had to keep waiting, and constantly going to Dellís homepage where I was supposed to be able to track the order. But since I didnít receive the order confirmation I couldnít track it. I could only see a message stating that I had placed an order and that it would take approximately 10 working days to deliver.

But on the 7th of October, the 15th day after placing the order, I still hadnít got an order confirmation. I used Dellís online service form and asked them what had happened. After Iíve submitted the form a message stated that it will take approximately 24 hrs to get a reply. But I get no answer on the 8th, no answer on the 9th, no answer on the 10th. On the 11th of October I decide that I have had enough, I needed a computer the following week for my schoolwork.
Therefore, on the 11th of September I contact Dell through their online form stating that I demand to cancel my order due to the fact that I had not received an order confirmation and that it was taking way to long time.

But that makes things stir, because the day after I get a confirmation and an excuse. Which means, I had to wait a total of 20! days to get an order confirmation. But they donít mention a word about my cancellation of the order. So I wait a few days but still no word about my cancellation. The 14th of September I contact Dell again through their online form, demanding them to cancel the order due to the facts that I had to wait for such a long of time and because I sent them my cancellation before I got the order confirmation.

I want to point out that Dell state in their terms & condition that the order confirmation is Dells confirmation to the client that the order is accepted. In other words, I cancelled the order before it was accepted by Dell.

On top of that, the order confirmation stated that I would get my computer system the 22nd of October, which means 1 month! from order date to delivery!

But Dell say that it is to late to cancel the order because they have already begun the process of manufacturing. They claim they started manufacturing before they sent me the order approval. Which means they started to manufacture before they approved my order. After this huge amount of waiting and because I cancelled the order before I was accepted, I canít see any reason for Dell not to approve my cancellation.

But I woke up the 16th of October and found out that Dell had withdrawn the amount from my account and saying the computer is being shipped. After several mail contacts and phone contact they still proceed with shipping, and saying that when I get the computer I can return it within 14 days.

But the terms and conditions state that Dell wonít pay back the entire sum they have taken from me, they will make reductions for the return delivery and they can take up to 30 days to pay the money back from the date the product is received by them. But I donít think itís acceptable that I shall pay for Dellís mistakes and might have to wait for such a long time to get the refund.

I feel like I can keep going on forever, but this is the main course of events.

So I urge you to reconsider and look at your options before you order from Dell, Iím sure everything works out fine in most cases. But when you run into an issue with them you might end up like I did.

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Default Re: Dell issues

Dude no offense, but WHY DID YOU WAIT?!?
Ok you waited 15 days to send out an order form or w.e. you call it?
I woulda called within 48 hours CALLED, then you know someone picked it up and went over it. I never email a company, NEVER if I have the choice to call.

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Default Re: Dell issues

Lol. This is a *computer* forum. Noone buys Dells, here .

Sorry to hear the trouble they've given you. I'd talk to corporate real quick like.
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