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Default dating/getting laid guide

get laid guide:
to all my fellow peers.. after many years of being a computer geek i have finally explore the wonder of getting laid. which lead me to write this mini guide to help my fellow peers.

Back in high school, no matter what i do and how hard i tried i couldnt get laid. Until one day after observing a friend of my who's a complete player i learn a key trick. Its not what you look like, how you talk or how well you dress but all those come into play in some point.

You see: girls like guys to be honest, but no.. studies have shown that ppl like to hear some of the truth but not the whole truth. Like you dont be mean and tell a fat girl she's fat to her face but tell her she's a bit too chubby. Girls like to know you the real you eventually but that not we're after we're after hitting it and getting laid. keyword here is "misconseption". People wears thousand of masks in a day in different enviroment their in. Its how we portrait ourselves to the world.

First, you need is a new hair cut. If you could afford a high end gfx card im sure u could afford a $40 hair cut to make u look slick. Some new in trend shoes, jeans and something to match. If you dont know what to choose, take your big sister or a good friend taht is a girl to help u do this.. women opinion counts on this trust me.

Here a scenario:
u're in your college dorm checking out the next and latest nvidia gfx card, or playing battlefield2 because its cool.. i know.. at the same time they're a party going on across campus.. well my friend get off your ass hit the shower and get ready to mingle.. go to the party trust me.. dont go for those too drunk girl either someone might already be after the pray.. once u get there get yourself some beer.. liquor whatever they have there.. talk to people.. i foudn this hard.. but talk.. im not much of a talker either.. but once i get enough beer i bullshit things pretty good.. so but caution too much might mess u up before u even get laid so knows your limits.. now start off not too low on the look of the girl but mid grade.. they're more intellectual..so change places often through the party let yourself be seen and check out who's there..

Now approaching.. this is the hardest part.. but the alcohol should have kick in and the party is already going so the mood is relax.. I learn this from a friend.. if a chick is there with a friend.. just play slick.. go there introduce yourself to both but maintain vision of the one u want.. ask them how the party go.. get on talking.. if u get the look from one of them brush it off.. u'll know when u get the look or the quiet seconds.. move on.. too much time trying to push this will make it worst..but if things goes well her friend might leave or u'll get introduce to more chicks.. the more the better.. maintain priority of the one u're after is important.. chick love attention but not too much..

So, what to do if u get to spend some alone time with her.. here where watching hitch come in handy.. trust me ppl hollywood helps.. and stand up comedy helps too keep ppl entertain but know your limit. party are crowded.. so touch her a bit..i dont mean grab her boobs but u know hand on her back about 3inch from the top of the butt and not too high mid range..be natural.. talk to her ask her what she interest in and things.. maybe asked dance with her a bit.. be fun just go with the flow.. then she might say want to go somewhere quiet.. most likely she'll be a bit horny or just want to make out but its good.. "remember maybe the condom be with you"........

that its for now.. i'll share more scenario's in a coming week.. i hope this will help most of you as much as it helps me.. for now back to bf2...

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Default Re: dating/getting laid guide

OK... this is... interesting... a guide to get laid... yeah... um, yeah, hopefully it stays clean...

Macbook Pro and Logitech z5500s. All you really need.
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This is a forum visited by people of all ages and some are too young to be seeing this sort of stuff. If you want to post this sort of stuff I suggest you do it in a adult forum.
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