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Default Using pc as media server.

Here's what i'm tryin' to do @ a friends place.

There's a main pc in the living room with all of the media(music, movies) is there a way to stream that media to a laptop in one of the bedrooms(running windows 7) and stream it to 2 xbox 360's that are all hooked up via ethernet?

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Default Re: Using pc as media server.

Provided the main PC is running a fairly recent version of Windows you can set up shares on this machine to the media you want to stream and then set up Media Center on client PCs to include these shares in the Library. As for the Xbox, you can set this up as a Media Center Extension device (you'll have to google that one).

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Default Re: Using pc as media server.

for the xbox you can use windows media player
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Default Re: Using pc as media server.

Yes Many people use their old PC as a Media Server
Depending on the speed of your, it should be fine to stream Music and Movie Files

You can connect your Server to your network either wireless or by wire

Connect your Server to your router

Configure the networks settings
I dont rememeber HOW but I know y ou can

go to the network area in your server pc and allowed it to share its media

Go to a diff computer and click on the Network icon and the Serve media should appear. allow to share media.

Same thing applies with the Xbox

In the Xbox you have options if you want play music

but instead of Media Center just play it in the player

I ll write a short how to later but here the explanation

there are some device that are made to stream media content
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