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Default Uninstall of AD damaged accounts

Hello, I had setup a server with WinServ 2012 and later installed Active Directory. As it happened i really didn't nee AD installed and my server decided it wanted to run slow after a month of just sitting there and i came to the bright idea of removing server roles. Once i took out AD however, It completely redid all user accounts and settings, including the built administrator account. The original account directory was ... administrator, now its administrator.server (server is the computer name). i can find no way to reset back to my previous account with all the appropriate startups and such, i went into CP>system>advanced tab>userprofiles and it shows the prior account as unknown, i deleted the 'new' admin account there but it resets itself when logging into it.

What i want to do> make the original admin account, the built in admin account once again with all the installed nonsence and desktop/startups.

I would like to avoid> a full reset.

Thanks for any advice and please, if additional clarity is required, ask and ill deliver asap.

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Default Re: Uninstall of AD damaged accounts

I believe the profile name is stored in the registry somewhere.

The reason it's done this is that ad controllers don't have a local admin account. So that account would have been assumed by the domain\admin account.

When you in install the domain\admin account is removed. A new admin account is created (you're asked for a password to make it)

But since the profile path folder administrator is already used by the domain admin, the new administrator account has to have a new and distinct profile. Hence admin.server

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Default Uninstall of AD damaged accounts

Sorry that you are experiencing this first of all, but the point of Active Directory is to centralize the logins on at least a single machine. If you were running some old backups you might be able to rewrite the registry or run directory services restore mode, but chances are all the unique numbers assigned to the user accounts (called SIDs) are likely completely removed from the registry. The registry and schema would need to be restored in a functional state to the point where your workstations would be able to logon the server as normal. But, even if you successfully restore the server you are likely to run into server authentication issues from the domain member PC. It's advisable to reinstall domain services and reregister your client machines to the domain along with the domain accounts that your network services run off of
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