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Default Are these good specs for Web Server/DB?

Hi all,

I just made a purchase (maybe I should have checked here first); but it was a Dell PowerEdge 1800. I customized it to my liking, but I'm not sure if it was overkill or underkill. Please you be the judge. First let me tell you what I'm trying to accomplish with this new server. It will be my home-based web server and database server (MySQL). I will install Windows 2003 Server onto it, MySQL 4.1, PHP5, ActivePerl 5.8, IIS 6.0, and that's about it. It will become part of a existing domain, I'm not sure if I am going to dcpromo it or not, but as of now that is a "no", I will leave it as just another server on the network without any administrative duties outside of web and database. Currently I only have a combined total of 500 users a day coming to my websites. I'm host my websites currently on a single PIII box w/ Windows 2003...a Dell Optiplex (desktop ...not server). It has not given me any trouble or headaches as of yet, it's actually been doing very well, but I don't have much traffic so that might be why. In the coming months i plan to advertise aggressively as well as host a few other people websites, so I knew I needed a better system, as well I will be hosting a new website of mine which will be a online blog host for visitors to sign up and have a blog through my network, therefore I needed something reliable. My goal is to have at least 15,000 to 50,000 visitors per day by this time next year. So I would like to know if these specs would suffice:

The specs:
Dell PowerEdge 1800 Server
-Dual Intel Xenon 2.8GHz processors - 800MHz FSB
-1 GB DDR2 400MHz (2 x 512) Single Ranked
-160GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive
-80GB 7200 RPM SATA 2nd Hard Drive
-2 Intel Pro 1000MT Dual Port Gigabit Network Adapter
-Non-Redundant Power Supply

That is basically the gist of it. I customized it on the Dell site but I couldn't find more info on the motherboard, watts of the power supply, or fans, but I put my trust in Dell that they would supply me with good equipment. (I hope I'm not sorry). Anyway, I would like to know do you think with knowing those specs, would this work well as a web server (expecting 10K-50K traffic) and MySQL databaase.

Also, is it a good idea to put IIS and MySQL on the serever as well as the same hard-drive or should I separate the two?

Please share your thoughts. In advance thanks for the help!

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Default Re: Are these good specs for Web Server/DB?

I think the specs on the box should handle the load. If anything its overkill. However, most of the time its better to have too much rather than too little.

I personally wouldn't run it as a DC but I'm very much a paranood separationist. I don't mind having several minor roles running on a single box but when you talk about web, DB, and AD running on a single box I get a little jumpy.

Its been done many times before, I've even done it once or twice, but its not something I recommend.

By home-based server I assume you mean you run all this equipment in your home. What kind of pipe do you have and can is handle 15K-50K a day?
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