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Default synchronize system time.

Hi all,

please help me a problem as below.

I could not sync system time between Server(windows server 2008 raised domain controller) and client computer.
Because when I sysc by command line from client computer "net time \\computername /set"
then it said "System error 1314 has occurred.
A required privilege is not held by the client."
athough, I have turned on windowtime from client computers.

From client computer we can run "net time" or not?
if it can, please tell me how to run it on user account. (I dont want use administrator account)

Your helps would be appreciated

Thanks in advance.

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Old 04-20-2012, 08:45 PM   #2
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Default Re: synchronize system time.

The net time command requires admin rights to run, so letting users run that command (assume you are wanting to put this in a login script) won't work.

You can, however, accomplish your goal with Group Policy. I'm actually getting ready to implement this where I work myself. I found that the previous network admin had the login scripts set to run the command you mentioned, BUT...users are non admins so this same error you are seeing would occur. Here's an article I found that gives instructions for the Group Policy solution:

Configure Windows NTP client GPO

Like I said, I've not implemented it myself yet, but plan to very soon. We have three domain controllers (Server 2008 R2), and have made them all NTP servers. One thing I need to decide is how I will implement this policy. I'm thinking I'll set it per organizational unit (OU) instead of at the domain level so I can split the load between the servers (we have nine offices, each is a separate OU).

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Old 04-21-2012, 02:27 AM   #3
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Default Re: synchronize system time.

thank chirkware so much.
your advices is very useful for me.
thank you.
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