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Default Server Help.

I'm new to servers and dont know much about them. I have been trying to study them for the past week and not getting any good info. I want to get a web server for my home to use for my website. My website is basically a search engine and i get about 500,000 queries to the database every day. I want to buy or build a server and need some help. I dont know what I should do. My site isn't huge, Maybe 50 megs all together. I don't need alot of space. I just need a fast reliable server and I cant seem to figure out what kind I need or what. I looked into building one and I go blank cause i dont know what kind of specs I need etc. I can spend up to around $700.00 USD. Can i get what i need with that much money?
Also before anyone says anything about hosting. I dont want a host I want to host myself or use my own server hosted through someone else. I have already contacted my ISP and they can acomadate me if i want. It seems every time i ask questions about servers, The only answers i get is why dont you try this or that hosting. I'm really not interested in hosts anymore. I just want to give this a try myself and if i succeed then awesome, If not then that's my fail. I appreciate anyones help though. I could really use it.

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Default Re: Server Help.

I really doubt you are going to find a sever for under $700 especially if you want to go with Windows Server. Just go onto Dell and do a search for servers and see what you come up with.

How much do you know about web hosting? It can be quite complicated. How do you have your website hosted now?

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Default Re: Server Help.

Ok... Here is something I would absolutely recommend to you bud. Save yourself the time, money and the head ache of running a web-server from home... it's just not worth it... It's not only a Server you need... you gonna need a whole bunch of other stuff that ties into your web-server... Dedicated IP is gonna drain your pocket, you gonna get hacked and cracked on weekly basis... It's gonna be a nightmare. Believe in me, I have tried that and decided that if I need to keep my site live for more than a week... I need something dependable. One mistake can cost months of work to go in the drain.

You can get hosting for under 5 bucks and all that good stuff from a host that you choose... I am currently hosting my site at http://hosting.netsectors.com and it's great! I get bunch of stuff to make my life easier running my site http://www.netsectors.com

Check it out, it's awesome... almost $0 overhead and crazy backup systems, so in case your DB goes out of the window, you can bring your Initiative back up in no time

Good Luck Bud,

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