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Default Permissions to a shared folder

I'm virtualizing using hyper-V. I have a server running 2008 that I've made a file server. I set up folders in the C drive and I share them. I have a structure in place for redirects and shares and things. One of my directories goes like this:

(which is shared)\(Grade level folders) first, second, so on.. through fifth. Grade level folders are not shared. I figured that was inherited because the parent folder was shared...

I can map drives just fine, I can read fine, I just can't write. Even in the Shares folder I cannot create a new folder. I have given everyone full control - I've even added myself and given full control. Still doesn't work.

I went a layer further to the fifth folder (shares\fifth)
I've given everyone full control - then myself full control. Doesn't work. Then I shared the folder (which then gets the directory of \\server\fifth rather than \\server\shares\fifth like it was and like I want) and it works.

Initially this wasn't a question, but why on earth does \fifth work when I share it but \shares does not work under these same conditions (shared and given full control)

The real question - Do I have to share fifth? I want the mapping path to be \\rhea\shares\fifth, not \\server\fifth. If I share the fifth folder it changes its mapping. Reason I don't want this is what if I need to create a fifth folder in the root directory?
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