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Default IIS and Apache open to the outside on one machine

Let me start this with the reason why this idea started.

I have an apache server setup on one of my machines hosting multiple sites that are all accessible from the www. Everything is setup and running and been working fine.

I then decided to put and asp.net user and messageboard site up on the apache server that is accessed from inside my site by use of a username and pass (from me) that gets you to the main page of the messageboard site (where you can then register for the messageboard).

To do this I installed the aspdotnet_2.0.0 software http://weblogs.asp.net/israelio/arch...11/424852.aspx from apache to run the asp.net sites. I set this up like stated in the blog. This worked and everything was cool for a while. Then the site started to crash randomly throwing the System.Data.OleDb.oleDbException: Unspecified error.

After some research I came upon this solution
I used this article for help, it states the problem and a resolution

I'm having problems locating my Temp file to change the permissions, because its apache on windows setup.

Basically to sum up the article at microsoft, My permissions are incorrect on the temp file that the DB connects to. They may not be set to read/write.

Here is my web.config file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<identity impersonate="true" />
<customErrors mode="Off" />
<compilation debug="true" />
<authentication mode="Windows" />

The site will work for a while then crash whenever it feels like it. I then do a apache restart and it works again for a while until next random crash.

Back to the topic of this post:
I was trying to think of an idea to run the asp sites on my IIS that is on the same machine as the apache server at the same time. My apache is set up and I understand it better than IIS. I also have to enable a php site this week and I just like apache better.

But I need to try to keep the asp.net site up and not crashing so others can view it. All the code in the site pages is correct and good working, but the permissions are crashing it or the fact that is is on apache server is a problem.

Any suggestions on this:
1.)help finding the Temp folder to check the permissions
2.)a way to access Apache and IIS from the same machine at the same time having both servers live and taking incoming hits together (so I could put asp sites on IIS and leave rest on Apache)
3.)Suggestions from the great minds that take part in this site, because I'm lost

Thanks for any responses!
Bob W.
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