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Default Help! Computer won't boot after memory test!

Hi, I recently started having trouble with my PC. I had to restart it after installing a program on it and then when it started rebooting it got stuck on the screen where it does the memory test!

All it says on that screen is

Memory Test : 2620352K OK

Memory Runs at Flex Memory Mode
IDE Channel 0 Master : None
IDE Channel 0 Slave : None
IDE Channel 1 Master : ST3500620AS LC11
IDE Channel 1 Slave :

Once that all comes up, nothing else happens. I try getting into BIOS Setup but it says "Prepare to enter setup" and freezes on that! I bought a new stick of memory and tried that but still nothing works except it says

Memory Runs at Single Channel

Can someone please help me?

Thank you!


please close thread! i put it in the wrong place

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Default Re: Help! Computer won't boot after memory test!

please close thread! i put it in the wrong place
Relax, people do this all the time - one of the mods may be kind and move it for you

The one thing that strikes me as a bit odd is that it's not detecting the IDE channel 1 slave, is there anything plugged in there (an optical drive for instance?) If so try unplugging it and then booting up - it may be that there's something wrong with it and it's stalling the boot process. The other thing that can cause this sometimes is a disk in the drive that it's having difficulty reading - so the first thing to do would be to check that there's no disk in there ;-)

If none of that works, try unplugging all the external peripherals (apart from the monitor) from the PC - USB devices and so forth. If it goes through then, plug them in one by one until you find the culprit.

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Default Re: Help! Computer won't boot after memory test!

Had a hanging boot one time with an IDE drive. putting them all to CS (Cable Select) on the J30 (Optical drive standard 6 pin array) and J50 (Hard Drive Disk standard 10 pin array) prong setup worked for me.

::::: <--- J50

::: <--- J30

Look at the bottom of both drives and find which prong setting is labeled "CS"
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