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Default Can't send emails


I'm having problems configuring my mail server. All i want to do is send an email from my php system to myself. The email gets to my mail server but an "invalid email address" error occurs (the email is routed to root@localhost). The invalid email address is the recipients address. I can't for the life of me think why this ain't working. I've downloaded 3 mail servers and they all return the same result. I've also tried adding a fowarding option where any emails sent to root@localhost i ask to be sent somewhere else, but they just bounce straight back to root@localhost.
For some reason those emails do not want to leave my server. Why?

(I'm on a windows xp machine)

thank you in advance.

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Default Re: Can't send emails

Umm, I don't think XP has root by default. Did you make an account called root? If localhost isn't working you can always try too. Are you trying to send from one box on the network to another or just to the same machine?

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Default Re: Can't send emails

are you using linux?
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Default Re: Can't send emails

hmmm. when you say you are using windows XP do you mean that you are using your windows XP machine as the webserver? or is your windows XP machine the client?

if you are using windows XP (as your server) (or server and client) then I'd suggest the following...

firstly, make sure that the windows firewall has port 25 open to outgoing traffic, this is so the mail can get out.
assuming that doesn't fix the problem...
get rid of the third party mail servers that you have tried. click on start, goto the control pannel select add remove software.
then add remove windows components.
look at the details of the IIS server.
and select to install the SMTP server,
follow on screen instructions.

assuming that hasn't fixed it
Now look at your PHP.ini file, (C:\windows\php.ini)

make sure that this is under your mail function
[mail function]
; For Win32 only.
SMTP = localhost ; for Win32 only
smtp_port = 25
sendmail_from= me@localhost.com ; for Win32 only

windows XP has no pop or imap servers so it doesn't really matter about the account it's bouncing back to, these would have to be set up in your third part mail client...

the fact that you know that they are being bounced back make me believe that you do indeed have an SMTP server that is set up correctly, also that there are no problems with your recieving server...

so like I say... fistly make sure that you SMTP server is able to communicate with the outside world by opening up a port 25 excaption rule outbound on your filewall.
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