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Default Basic server control panel ( windows )

Hey there!

Here is the thing,
i run small Vps server for 3 gameservers,
on windows 2008

I want for some of my friends to have access to server control panel ( ftp - to change game server configs and start/stop - to refresh changes )

So what i need is very basic and simple server Control panel with option to make command lines for specific .exe, ftp access for users, and start/stop server.

I tried to google it, but i found only control panels for website hosting (mysql, php...) But again , i really need just command line access, ftp access, start/stop.
It would be nice if it is free.

Your help would be much appreciated !


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Default Re: Basic server control panel ( windows )

Could you explain exactly what you want your friends to be able to do from the control panel?

ftp, can 't just use an ftp client?

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Default Re: Basic server control panel ( windows )

Hello Anze,
The control panel would need to essentially fire off custom scripts for starting / stopping the server. You may also need to execute custom commands when applying a custom configuration, for restarting the server (or refreshing the configuration, at least).

As a result, you're either going to be building this thing from scratch, or looking for an existing solution. Many hosting companies that specialize in game hosting use an existing solution, but these solutions are not free (for example, TCAdmin).

I'd take a look at TCAdmin, and see if it fits your requirements. If not, it might be a good idea to lease a server from a company that specializes in this. They will usually assist in server management, and will remove the headache associated with this.

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Default Re: Basic server control panel ( windows )

As Bahawolf said it really depends on the amount of control you want to give these people. My first thought would be to give them RDP access and control their permissions through security policies via group policy (assuming this is on a domain). You can get pretty granular with that but the problem is if you want to be uber specific about what services (IE allowed to restart IIS but not allowed to restart other services) you'll have to create a script (batch file or powershell) for it.

If you could list how specifically what these users should be able to do we might be able to give you more specifics.

My initial thought though is group policy, locking down specific tasks. If you want to be more granular give them user access (so they can see stuff but can't break too much) and drop the scripts on their desktops that would perform the tasks you want them to do. Again this depends on the complexity, it would be one or two lines of code for a service to restart under an elevated users account.

If however you want them to change ini files or config files on the server you'll have to get a bit more creative. If there are specific files they are needing to change (say a game setting, resolution, ect) and those settings are in one file you can do the above script with elevated user rights which will just launch that file in notepad (or whatever you prefer). From there they could edit it. If it's a few files do the same but have separate batch files for each file.

Another idea would be to grant them user access to the server (plus RDP rights) and then share out the folder that has these config files, giving them modify rights to that folder and dropping the shortcut on their desktop.

Just some ideas, you could do it but there isn't an out of the box tool that allows this.
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