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Default BACKUP Veritas Problem

Hi all, can anyone help

We have two servers connected via vinca legato link and they support 45 workstations, which is regarldess from what im about to ask.

The servers are clustered mirrored, with the F: drive being the mirrored drive. Now to explain basically; which ever is the master server at one time can see and open the F: drive (mirrored drive) in My computer or windows explorer. The other server at that time can only see the drive in Windows explorer or My computer but cannot open it and view/execute files as its not the live server, which is all correct.

The problem comes when backups are running.
On both servers we have BACKUP exec by Veritas installed. We made two jobs on both servers named "Full Back up" and "No Data". The full back is enabled on which is the live server and the "No Data" backup is enabled on which ever is the secondery as there is no F: drive to back up where all the ammended files are.
On the server in the admin block called 03 the backup still tries to backup the F: drive, when that server is not the master, and obviuosly fails the overall backup but has successfully backed up the other drives ok (C: D: & E. Why it tries to backup the F: drive baffles me because its not checked in the backup job description of "No Data" when the job was made.
Now the other server which mostly is the secondery server doesnt have this problem and doesnt try to back up the F: drive when its not the master.

Hope you al understand
Any ideas?

Thanks all to replies
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