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Default Webcam Website

Hi, This is my post on the forum. I hope i have come to the correct forum. Anyhow, my question is how do you create websites like Chatroulette and Omegle?

I know you will probably need some degree of knowledge of Javascript, Ajax and actionscript for flash. But how do you use that knowledge to create an online chat website? And, finally do you think it's feasible you could create a successful webcam website by using a publically available chat API like videochat or red5chat for example?

Thank you i be interested to hear thoughts.

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Default Re: Webcam Website

How you use the knowledge varries by technologies chosen, personal coding style/preference and the architecture used. There is no 1 answer to that question.

Smart people use APIs. At the very least, they'll start with an API. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel when a public API does everything you need with an acceptable amount of costs (lost features, compatibility etc). It's wasted time to create your own on the get go when you should be focusing on user experience and getting the chat pairing working.

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Old 04-07-2012, 12:43 PM   #3
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Default Re: Webcam Website

Thanks Celegorm for your reply. I am abit reluctant to go for API's primarily because I am unsure if it is feasible you could create a good website from an API but interested to hear you would recommend it.

I do know some javascript, AS3, and python. I know if i went it alone it will be hardwork and time consuming. However, is it possible anyone can create a webcam chat website with these three programming languages alone? Interested again to hear all your thoughts. Thnx
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Default Re: Webcam Website

Let's take a step back here.

What do you mean by a good website? Or in fact, why are you looking to create this site to start with? Is it purely a technical exercise? Or do you want it to be something people would actually use?

If it's a technical exercise, then use whatever you like, it doesn't really matter since it's only for your own education purposes. If it's for a real product, then you need to decide on a feature behind it that sets it out from the competition - decide *what* exactly you want to do before you go about learning how to do it.

You also seem to have your idea of an API muddled up somewhat. Celegorm rightly points out that smart people use APIs - not doing so would be reinventing the wheel, and (educational purposes aside) pointless. However, an API is generally a set of development libraries provided to make creating an application easier, red5chat for instance appears to be a fully fledged system you can use rather than a programmable API. Granted, it's open source so you could extrapolate some of its capabilities, but to what end? What are you trying to do that's different?

...and that's really the key question here that we need to know the answer to before we can offer any meaningful advice. You could approach this all manner of ways, you could throw up an existing solution such as the one you link to, you could use a bunch of APIs to code something new, or you could reinvent the wheel entirely. What it makes sense to do depends entirely on what precisely you're aiming to achieve.
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Default Re: Webcam Website

The thing is if you were to make this site not to sound harsh it will not be very successful, there are so many sites like this and you will never compete with the likes of chat roulette and omegle.
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