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Exclamation SQL-Code wont execute

Will this code execute on your mySQL? It wont on mine and the code is perfect!

Drop database if exists dbCardID;
Create database dbCardID;
Show Databases;
Create Table Card IDs
Card ID
Use dbCardID;
Drop table if exists tblDepartment;
create table tblCardID
Department varchar(20),
CardID varchar(20),
Name varchar(15),
CardUnlockAreas varchar(100)
show tables;
Describe tblCardID;
Use dbCardID;
/************************************************** ********************************
These are all the employees that have Swype Cards to disarm alarms and unlock doors.
If a value is ALL DOORS AND ALARMS, the only doors and alarms the card will work
with, is in the department the name is under. I.E Account cards will not unlock
Shipping doors.
************************************************** ********************************/
Insert into tblCardID values
('Shipping','001','Dale Heywood','ALL DOORS AND ALARMS'),
('Accounts','002','Sam Banks','Accountting Office & Staff Room & Toliets'),
('Cleaners','003','Sarron Hanks','ALL DOORS ONLY MAIN BUILDING ALARM'),
('Truck Arrivls','004','Harry Kiles','Main Entrey and Toliets'),
('Truck Loading Ramp','005','Peter Ravon','Accountting Office & Staff Room & Toliets'),
Select * from tblCardID;
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