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Default Python, Pygame, WXPython

Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction here. I want to learn Python, Pygame, WXPython and any other Python based languages out there, I know a bit of Python (Just enough to make a calculator program(but not one with buttons)) and I know some Pygame(I can make a window and make a sprite that moves around and changes sprite for each direction(only top down, not platform)).

Can someone help me find a place where I can learn all this, I tried looking at the tutorials on the websites, but they don't seem like tutorials, they seem to be more like refrences. Also I can't get books because I spent all my money on a PyGame book that just repeats how to make a puzzle game. Anyone who can help me gets a cookie

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Try http://www.mybringback.com
and also download pythonista for 5.00$(If you cna afford it,it's dabomb)
and also try codecademy.com

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Default Re: Python, Pygame, WXPython

I've just recently started learning Python myself and I've been using this website.

Learn Python The Hard Way

Don't let the title fool you So far, everything is presented in a really simple way. It's designed specifically to target beginners. I hope it helps.
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