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Unhappy not able to run c/cpp execs in eclipse cdt

i installed eclipse and then cdt on an ubuntu system recently and was trying to make the first runnable c/c++ proj.. i installed g++ also, and then created the first executable cpp 'Hello World' project some files are created... then some issues... 1) even though Build Automatically is selected, I have to goto the project n do a Build Project to build it manually, and this i have to do everytime i make a change 2) After Building manually, there are some new folders created with Binaries and Debug files and i can see g++ commands in the console being executed. The project binary is output both to debug n binaries folder. But i am not able to run these through the Green Play Button or any other way in eclipse. Even Run configuration is not showing any option for c/C++ proj.. though i can goto terminal and run the binary myself through ./ But i want to be able to run n debug this through eclipse. plz help in fixing me this problem as i really love eclipse n have some c/cpp assignments coming soon..

Console info on doing a manual project build -

Build of configuration Debug for project qwe **

make all Building file: ../src/qwe.cpp Invoking: GCC C++ Compiler g++ -O0 -g3 -Wall -c -fmessage-length=0 -MMD -MP -MF"src/qwe.d" -MT"src/qwe.d" -o "src/qwe.o" "../src/qwe.cpp" Finished building: ../src/qwe.cpp

Building target: qwe Invoking: GCC C++ Linker g++ -o "qwe" ./src/qwe.o
Finished building target: qwe

Build Finished **
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