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Default Can anyone fix my code? It is validated.

I built my website from scratch using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.
It took me a year to built it and am a self-taught coder.

I have tried in vain to get google adsense and countless other ad companies to run ads on my website but they reject me saying my code is poor and I have broken links.

I ran my code through WC3 validation and there are no errors. Even though the code validates I have broken links and my code is sloppy. The validation site does not take into account that just because my code validates it does not mean its professionally written code. I want my code to look clean and be professional as well as my website. I have ran my code over 3 different browsers and it looks the almost the same on the different browsers.

How can I modify my website to make it look professionally coded so I can get these companies to place ads on my website? I do not want to use Wordpress.org or their Content Management System to a build a professional website. I dislike using templates.

I want to build my own professional looking website and drive traffic to it for this upcoming election.

Can someone look at my code and help make it a professional website or offer suggestions?

Here is my website.... GOP America


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Default Re: Can anyone fix my code? It is validated.

Not saying this will solve all your problems but firstly make the site a responsive design to work on tablets and smartphones. Also you have no style sheet all the css in inline

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Default Re: Can anyone fix my code? It is validated.

I suspect this is much less to do with your code (it simply wouldn't be worth the time of ad companies to look through the source of each website before they reject or accept it) and more to do with its appearance and speed (the latter of which can easily be automated.)

In the first case, you'll see that if you view the website on a widescreen monitor (mine is 24 inch) you'll notice that the countdown clock and the search box appear well outside of the central white area - I suspect this isn't meant to be the case!

It's also worth running Google's speed check and improving the things you can there (https://testmysite.withgoogle.com/intl/en-gb) - that's an automated test that many companies may be likely to run as a matter of course.

Finally, your site doesn't actually pass W3C validation in its present state due to a missing space between attributes on one tag (a trivial fix, but worth mentioning nonetheless.)
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