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Default LOGISYS Computer 3.5" Black Digital Thermal Controller

The first thing i noticed about this fan controller was its size. Yes it does fit snug into a a 3.5" drive bay but length wise its very short. Only one of the screw holes line up right so you have to take off the back cover too in order to put a screw on the otherside. I put it in my case fine turned it on made sure it wasnt DOA before hooking anything up, it worked fine. Ive heard a lot of people complain about the amount of wires on the unit. This is true but you have the ablity to pop open the cover and disconnect anyone of the fan connectors or thermal probes you want. It also comes with a wire to hook up to the HD status pins on your motherboard. This is nothing but a fancy LED really. it shows a small HDD with the disk spinning when theres activity. Also for anyone worrying about voiding the warranty opening the cover wont as you might need to replace the internal battery as it keeps time as well(only in 24 hour display). Here are the Pro's and Con's of the unit:
The Cpu fan hookup has an output to plug into your motherboard
Good blue backlight
ablity to keep time
accurate temps
fast tempeture detection
changes your fan speed according to temps
the last pro can also be seen as a con to some peple
causes LED fans to blink when there speed is lower than stock
could take several hours to do a nice job in routing the wires
the alarm is annoying
not the best construction
very poor instructions

Overall i really like this product. Although i really wish i could change fan speed directly it is good that i dont have to worry about me making my fan speeds too low. I also really flat out HATE that the unit causes led fans to blink. Also when the alarm goes off i wish the unit would short the molex adapter its connected to so the PSU shuts off. I would buy this product for anyone i know who is annoyed by the amount of noise there fan makes. Even though the fan controll is nothing more then a 4 pin CPU fan it puts you in a little more direct controll by you choosing the max tempeture.

here is a link to it on newegg
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