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Default Overclocking Intel 2 Duo E6400

Hey there. I'm looking into overclocking my CPU, I'm very new to overclocking, so.. There's that. Eventually (and hopefully by January of 2013) I will be building my custom PC, but until then I'm stuck upgrading a Dell from 2006. Don't get me wrong, it runs fine, but I want it to run faster! I read the overclocking stickie here, no big help there. My motherboard is an Intel 0WG864. Other system specs are 3GB of RAM (2GB+ 512MBx2, going have 4GB sticks soon), Intel Core 2 Duo E6400, PowerColor Radeon HD 5450 (1GB internal RAM)
Tell me what I need to do, and I shall do it.
Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: Overclocking Intel 2 Duo E6400

Generally, it isn't possible to overclock an OEM computer.

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Default Re: Overclocking Intel 2 Duo E6400

One of the first things to consider in OCing any PC is the extra heat generated (stock cooling just wont do, that's in components and case cooling)
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Default Re: Overclocking Intel 2 Duo E6400

I'm also running an ancient core 2 duo (e6300). I have it overclocked to around 2.4ghz from 1.86 stock. However, as mentioned, you will most likely not be able to overclock a computer that has an OEM motherboard. If you can, there will be some settings in the BIOS you can change the FSB speed if I remember right.
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Default Re: Overclocking Intel 2 Duo E6400

if you want it to run faster, your not going to get far with an intel board, but if you persist:

download msi afterburner, oc the crap out of that slow 5450
pop the side of your case and look for a pll chip that has a number on it, it will be beside a crystal with something along the lines of 13.4 on it.
then look that long number up and see if clockgen or another program supports it.
if it does than you can overclock it a little.
stock cooling probably wont grant you very far of an o/c

what i really recomend is you put 40-60 bucks into it if you really need to, get an e7400/7500 if your board supports it, and a better vid card, ati 4850 radeons are selling cheap on ebay atm
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