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Default CrackerJacker's case dilemma

This started the conversation,
Honestly what I want to know is how the hell do you guys keep all the wires in the PC nice and hidden. My desktop looks like a hell with power and SATA cables everywhere. The SATA cable goes from the power supply to the bottom to top is impossible to do anything with because they barely reach as is. Trying to plug a new device is almost impossible because all the other cables are in the way.
To which I replied,
First you get a case like the Antec P280 that has excellent cable management concepts. Next you get a modular power supply like the Corsair AH850. Then you get a 1000 count bag of 4 inch cable straps, black preferably. The P280 is designed with protected openings in strategic areas that allow you to run the long leads from the PSU to where you need to go via the back of the mother board plate.
The hard drive bays are turned so the wires go out the back of the hard drive cage. This allows you to use the mid length SATA cables to get to the plugs on the mother board. You route them around the back and use the straps to tidy things up.

It's all in how the case is designed. If the case maker doesn't care about tidy wiring and goes for the starry eyed bling bling, then that's the wrong case.
Newegg has the P280. It's a heavy box also to keep the noise inside the case. It weighs in at a little over 22 pounds empty. Mine loaded with ALL the goodies, weighs in at 45 pounds. Quiet as a church mouse. Well worth the money.

Antec P280 Black Aluminum / Steel Super Mid Tower Computer Case - Newegg.com
Or directly from Antec.
P280 - antec.com

The AH850 is no longer in production. Whatever you get make sure ALL of the leads are modular and at least 3.5 to 4 feet long.
Mr. Mixx made a observation,

Originally Posted by setishock
Quiet as a church mouse.

I love your logic Seti
To which CrackerJacker replied,
I've tried to put the motherboard cable going thru the side back of the case but you couldn't fit the side piece of the pc chase on. It didn't fit. I wont be home for another 100 days or so, ill try to get my wife to take a picture of the horror
And this is where we are on this for right now. If CJ can get his missus to take a few shots of the case, we can go on from there. In the mean time I'm going to dig up some pics of my case I made when I first got it to show how cable management starts with what case you get.

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Default Re: CrackerJacker's case dilemma

haha, Man I picked a wrong time to bring this up. I'm in the country Qatar right now and I won't be back in the states tell late January.

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Default Re: CrackerJacker's case dilemma

Well then I guess we'll have to let this ride till you get back. Be safe.
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