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Default Wireless router...

Alright we all know I'm a n00b when it comes to networking. A wired router perplexes me although I did it then. I am looking to set up a wireless network in my house, I basically want to use a PCI card on the one desktop PC thats mine. I want to use a USB port on the other desktop which is my brothers, will that affect the internet speed that much? And I want to get one for my brothers laptop for when he comes home from college, I don't want that one USB though.

Can anyone tell me how I can get those with this router?

Remember now, thats 1 PCI card, 1 for the side of a laptop, and one USB.


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Default Re: Wireless router...

Originally Posted by Computergen
Can anyone tell me how I can get those with this router?
What do you mean by this? Are you wanting to know how to configure a wireless router (I saw the Dlink router you're thinking about) to work with the various wireless network adapters you're wanting for each pc?

Wireless adapters in compliance with 802.11x will work with any wireless router also in compliance with 802.11x. Whichever router you choose to go with should have at least semi-decent instructions on how to configure a basic network.

Are you on DSL or Cable internet? On the back of the wireless router you will see 5 ports ... 1 for internet (labeled as such) and 4 for connecting 4 pc's via hardwire. You will plug your internet line into the internet port and a pc into one of ethernet ports for the initial configuration. Then you will use your preferred internet browser and enter the router's default address, which your instructions should give you. to begin your configuration.

Once you get to this point, there are some additional configuration for security you'll want to consider ... i.e. changing the SSID & possibly disabling the broadcasting of it, WEP key and finally, MAC filtering. If you would like for me to go more in depth, send a pm and I'll be glad to walk you through any part of the process you might struggle with.

Some further advice I'd consider would be to make sure that each wireless network adapter is 802.11g ... greater transfer rate and signal strength over greater distance.
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