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Default wireless jargon

neva been into w/less networking much.
in the shops, its hard to diferentiate all the wireless gear.
will someone define specifically and clearly the following for me

*adsl 'gateway' vs adsl 'access' point

*the dif between a router and a 'broadband router' (w/o a modem!)

*the diference between a router and a switch and a hub

thanks guys.

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Default Re: wireless jargon

ADSL is just a fancy word of saying DSL. It is the most popular type of DSL. GAteway is the samething as Access Points. GAteway allows your LAN to connect to a WAN or networks connect to another network. Access points is a Gateway in which a node (networked device such as your PC) gains access to the network.

A router is a broadband router. A hub is just a simple device that allows all the PC to be connected together in a network. No decision making is present. Switch is the next advancment to hubs and are "smarter" which utilizes security features, traffic coordination, VLAN setups and allows high volume of cmoputers to be connected together like a hub.

Router usually doesn't act as a switch in which computers are directly connected to it. THey just regulate who goes onto the Internet and join networks together from other network. Security is implemented much further with router. It acts as GAteway or access point for net access or WAN.

All the words you mentioned above mean exactly the same to each other, just another fancier way of saying it. Except for the fact that there is a differece between router, switch, and hub. Hub is no longer used (Museum quality). Switch are widely used still for computer connectivity to a network. Routers connect to a WAN or network to network centralization. For ex: my laptop has wireless capabitlites. I am a registered user at Cal Poly so that means I can gain access to the net anywhere in any building with my laptop that have a wireless access point. I can be going online in the hallway, on a bench, library, classroom, etc. It's like a portal to the Intenet so to speak. I love technology.

I don't know what else I"m missing. Just off the top of my head.
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