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Default Wireless G or N How do you know

Okay so my router is a Dual Band wireless G and N but the settings are confusing. I believe its running both right now. But when connect to it works and all that. There is certain parts of the house were the connection is really weak since its a brick house. I'm trying to run on wireless N but I'm not sure what its connected on. This laptop is a Gateway NV53, Running windows 7. Is there a way where I can check and see which one I'm connected too?

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Default Re: Wireless G or N How do you know

They'll usually run dual band (both bands) since a lot of older devices don't run on N. I'm not sure how you can check in your specific router, but usually it'll be in some advanced settings alongside what kind of wave length or repeater to run or something. I can't remember what those settings are called exactly. It's probably in the same place where you can select to use whatever antenna you are using, too. Just mess around and look in the settings. I'm sure you'll see it somewhere. If not, post your router model and we'll try to help you out.

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Default Re: Wireless G or N How do you know

Well, you will only be able to connect at whatever your laptop supports. So if your laptop is N capable you should be able to also see that it is connecting using N.

Certain wireless software programs will also distingish between different bands when you connect to them so try using the software that came on the laptop instead of Windows software to detect and connect to the wireless networks.
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