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Default Whats the most economical way to have the internet

Whats the most economical way to have the internet basic internet?

I live in the USA and am wanting unlimited internet access for like streaming Netflix,Hulu email , forumns ect.

I really don't want any installation folks drilling holes and setting up the net. would prefer just to buy my own wireless router and connect it to the PC w/ a Car 5 cable. are routers the same as cell phones where just subcribe to a internet provider and use there sim card in my router?

I talked to the folks at Verizon the other day thought I could get internet for $20. a month well the truth is if I sent $50. for phone service then I could add the net for $20. I allready have a cell phone so I only want internet.
Thanks for advice

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Default Re: Whats the most economical way to have the internet

You could get a tethering plan for your phone, but it wouldn't be unlimited. Neither would a mobile hotspot.

You have to get some kind of modem to plug into your router, so I'd just sign up with someone like Verizon or Time Warner Cable and have them set it up. Just make sure you ask to use your own router if you don't want the limitations of their own router/modem. Depending on how your house is setup, they might not have to drill holes. If the service is DSL, then the internet just goes through your phone lines (so no holes would need to be drilled). If it's a cable connection, they might have to drill a hole if there isn't an open cable jack where you want the router to be. Otherwise they might be able to just plug it into the cable jack.

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Default Re: Whats the most economical way to have the internet

No such thing as unlimited any more. I have ATT U-verse with 18 down and 2 up for $46.00 per month for the first year. After that it goes back to $56.00 per month. It's capped at 250 gigs per month. With all I do and streaming movies I don't get anywhere near the cap. They just add a jack to your phone system that is wired for the network link back to them. The modem/router is installed and tested from your computer. After that if you want to run network cables to your computers, that's left for you to do.

I've also used Clearwire when I was in Jacksonville, Fl. 6 down and 1 up will run you $60.00 per month with a one time charge for the wireless device. I got the USB dongle for $60.00 and kept it when I moved. If I wind up having to use it again I don't have to pay for it ( The USB dongle), just restart the service.

Good luck finding unlimited for $20.00 a month...
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Default Re: Whats the most economical way to have the internet

I have an unlimited data plan (not available anymore) on my 4G phone from Verizon, just tested it at 8Mb up, 8Mb down (it varies depending on where I am, I've gotten as high as 20Mb downloads in places). My plan with 1400 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data costs me around $112/month so it isn't cheap. I have a wifi hotspot app on the phone and tether laptop, tablet & Smart TV to it to be able to surf the web and watch movies via services like Netflix.

I also have an unlimited plan via a local ISP with 1.5Mb down/1.5Mb up that costs $91/month which isn't cheap either, I work from home so my employer pays for that one.

Unlimited plans are available but I don't think unlimited and economical go together.
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