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Default what...the...f...

okay, so just now my entire network has died, totally out of the blue. i managed to get it working, but with a ping/latency of about 5100ms. I was playing world of warcraft, and then boom i lose connection to the server, and also lost connection to my network. I go down into the options and reconnect. I tried, and subsiquently failed, to sign back into world of warcraft, because it just crashed on the 'Connecting...' screen. i went into command prompt and pinged google so see what kind of latency/ping i was getting, and it was averaged at about 5100. I turned off my wireless adapter and reset it, didnt help. so i went over to the Belkin router and turned it off and on again. immediately after turning it on, i connected and pinged google again, and it averaged at 30ms. So i thought the problem was solved, and managed to sign into WoW, only to find that the ping had returned to the high 4000's and the game lagged horribly. So it seems it works fine at first (30ms) then something happens and it goes up to the high 4000's/low 5000's.

any ideas on cause? i mean, its the weekend, i need my online play

EDIT: its all good, the problem was my bandwidth i think, one of my dad's computers was going a download at like 5MB/s and it was hogging the network lol. its all good now, latency/ping has returned to normal.

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Default Re: what...the...f...

aha! damn bandwidth robbers!

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Default Re: what...the...f...

Originally Posted by 88 View Post
aha! damn bandwidth robbers!
The word damn and band makes me crack up XD

EDIT: I found out somthing related to this. All of my friends using bell have had difficulty connecting and had very slow pings.
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