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Lightbulb VPN Tunnel Connection

Hi All,

I have 5 stores across Puerto Rico and I want to create a VPN Connection between each one. In 4 stores I only have Thin Clients that connect to our Central Office via Remote Desktop Connection. Users do everything on the Central Store which is where the servers are hosted. On each of the 4 stores I also have some IP Printers that I am wanting to use. However, I cannot use those IP Printers right now because I only have Thin Clients on those stores. To use those printers, I will have to add them to the Server to which users connect to via RDP.

Here comes the problem, since I don't have a VPN Tunnel between each of my stores, Store A cannot see the printer in Store B and store B can't see the printer on Store A and the same story goes to the other stores.

I have a Netgear Prosafe VPN Firewall Router (Model: FVS318). And I have other similar models of this Netgear Pro Safe VPN Firewall family on the other stores. 4 of these stores have a Dynamic Public IP Address (That changes at least every few hours or days) and the Central Office has a static IP Address (That never changes).

I am wanting to connect each store to the Central Office. Store A does a VPN to Central Office, Store B does a VPN to Central Office, etc.

My questions are the following:

1. Can I create the VPN with only having one static IP address (Central Location) and the other 4 having dynamic IP Addresses? The stores will VPN to the Central Location but the Central Location cannot VPN back to each store because the other 4 stores don't have a static IP Address.

2. If the answer is yes to the above question, will I be able to actually add each of the IP Printers that are on the 4 stores to the Server by just writing the IP Address of the printer in each of the stores? (Like will I be able to ping each of the local ip addresses of devices that are connected to the internet from the stores?)

Sorry for the long thread but I thought I'd be as detailed as possible from the beginning

W. Maldonado

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Default Re: VPN Tunnel Connection

First off, I will preface this with the fact that I have no experience with Prosafe Routers, and would recommend using Sonicwall firewalls for this.

To begin with, make sure all three networks are on different subnets. For instance, say you went with for your main location, your satellite offices should use,, etc. You need this so you can NAT them together once you create the tunnels.

You can create a tunnel from A to the main location using a wild card as the IP address, and using a local identifier. You need to make sure you have a unique local identifier, say for instance a MAC address, that the main location can use to verify the router's identity. From there, you would have to set up a NAT set of rules allowing the two subnets to speak to each other. You will also want to create all other tunnels, and make sure you can see the others through the main location, which should be configurable in the main router. At this point, you should also make sure your connections are keep alive, rather than on demand, so that you will have the tunnels open. These are fairly generic instructions, since I don't have a Netgear to walk through here. Hope this helps.
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