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Default Subnet Question(s)

I am currently learning more about Networking and IP addressing. I am not illiterate in this field but simply need some help.

This IP is x.x.x.197 and the default gateway is x.x.x.193 and on the same LAN the other box is addressesd x.x.x.205. I scanned the whole subnet from x.x.x.1 - 254 and have a list of IP's on that subnet.

So here are my questions....

How come when I scan the subnet it tells me the host name for the 197 box that says "host - x.x.x.197.isp.customer.here? But when I scan the 205 box (on the same subnet) it simply says "ZZXX7777.isp.here"? When I do "net view" in a cmd promted it says this....

Microsoft Windows XP [Version number here]
(C) Copyright xxxx-xxxx Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\USEER_NAME_HERE.ZZXX8888>net view
Server Name Remark

The command completed successfully.

C:\Documents and Settings\USEER_NAME_HERE.ZZXX8888>

I'm thinking that maybe the 197 box is acting like a server or a host to the 205 box. I am on the 197 box when I do these scans, if that matters. It is a LAN because they both have their own router box, I think they are hooked to each other.

With that said, what can learn from the other IP's on that same subnet? Some have the same host name, others are different and then some just say [Unknown]. Would those computers be in 1/4 mile radius of me or what?

This is probably very simple to others, but I have racked my brain to try to figure this out.

Sorry for this being sooooo long....

Edit: The ZZXX7777 is the 205 box and the ZZXX8888 is the 197 box.
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