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Default Small company lan

Hello everyone,

before i state the problem, just want to thank those who read this and are willing to help. It is greatly appreciated.

I just started a new job for this company and was asked if I could take a look at the their network. There are two buildings: house and garage. In the house, the cable modem is connected to an 8 port netgear router. An wireless connection is also in the router. 3 computers are connected to the router. One line is coming from the router and is connected to a hub. This hub connects to another computer and a shared printer.

Finally, a line is coming from the router and goes into the garage which connects to a hub. (There are two hubs in the garage). Since hub 1 is connected to the router, it connects an computer and shared printer. A line coming from hub 1 connects hub 2 from where 3 computers and another shared printer are connected.

All of the computers can see each other in the workgroup. However, when you try to connect to the other computers, there is no access but it works on others. There is only about 3-4 that cant access each other but can access the rest.

All computers are running windows 2000 w/service pack 4
They are pent 4. 2.66ghz
lots of ram

What Ive done:
I was able to ping the computers successfully but not to the ones that cant be connected to. File and print sharing is on. I also tried to map an network drive but couldnt since I couldnt ping the IP of the other machin/machines. What would anyone else suggest. Could it possibly be the router settings. (they are using dhcp). I know just a little bit of networks but help would be appreciated.

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Default Re: Small company lan

check the ip settings from the computer's that don't connect as they should. If they are on automatic the try to manually input them. Usually they are something like (I think that the 3 first ones should be like that and then u can change the 4th one so that it's different in every computer. U can just go like one being .61 the second .62 etc. But the last number should be lower than the Ip on the hubs, so atleast here it has to be lower than .256.

Just make sure that if they already have ip's assigned (manually) put them in a piece of paper so that u can use those ones (which seem to work) if u can't get the new ones to work.

I've had problems like this during lan parties, though I have always managed to make it so that all of the computers are in lan, just that some can't share folders. (well they can share them but no one will be able to access and/or see them)
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