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Default Sever

My Scool Has Asked Me To Rebuild All There Systems And I Was Wondering If It Is Possable To Buy Some Bulk Standered PC's And Have Them All Run XP of The Sever With Diffrent Usernames And Password And Can Have More Then 1 Person Logged In At The Same Time Alos Weather It Is Passable To Share The CPU For Example The Sever has 50GHz Processor Not Gunna HApen With Just 1 I Know BUt If 50 People Are Logged It It Will Automaticly Share The PSU For Each User To Only Have 1 GHz Usable And If Only 1 User Is Logged It They Can Use Up To 50Ghz

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Default Re: Sever


Ok first, if you are rebuilidng systems, why do you need to buy PC's?
Second, you could be describing two different things: either a "domain enviroment", where everyone has their own username/password to login with
a "N-Computing" (or similar technology) enviroment where there is one "main" computer and then 4-5 "terminals".

My guess is since you are talking about sharing the PSU that you are thinking more about N-Computing. If this is what you are thinking of check this website.

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Default Re: Sever

Sorry, but I'm going to take the harsh route and say STOP.

As said above, are you rebuilding systems or buying new PCs?

Whatever you're doing though, I think you need to accept you most likely aren't the person to do this job - with all due respect you just don't have enough knowledge. I certainly wouldn't trust anyone to set up anything near that scale if they got confused between a PSU and a CPU! I'm all up for learning, but learning by taking over 50+ PCs at a school and hoping that they all work ok when you've finished is not the way to go about it.

As a side note, please pay more attention to spelling and grammar - that post is just appalling.
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Default Re: Sever

you have a couple of options.

1, you set up a server as a domain server.
You set up workstations as work stations, add them to the domain, and have people log on as domain users.
to build the workstations, you can either get the supplier to build them.
you can create am image and image them
you can go to each one with a windows CD
you can use remote installation services or something similar so that you can just turn on the PC and have it build itself.

2, you set up a server as a domain server
you set up another server as a terminal services server. (say a Citrix server)
you fill the room with dumb terminals

that way your dumb terminals all boot to a simple desktop letting you run apps on the server.

Berry is right though, you don't want to be going down this route then finding out half way along that you really don't know what you're doing...

how soon do you need this completed?
do you have any plan over how you're going to complete this?
what are the requirements that the school has laid out?
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