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Default setting up a wireless access point

Hi everyone

the problem.

in the house there is a wireless router (down stairs) say we call it A-router, it works fine. sometime i get no wireless activity upstairs on laptops.
the A-Router is connected via a network cable to the computer upstairs (the internet works fine) something my brother setup.

i have a spare router its a netgear dg834gt.
what i would like to know is, if i take the network cable out of the computer plug it into netgear dg834gt and plug another network cable from the netgear dg834gt to the computer. i have done this and the internet works.

but i cannot access the router. so i took out the network cable which is connected to the A-router.
did a ipconfig /release
reset the netgear dg834gt

now i can access the netgear dg834gt (but u have to release its not connected to the internet) and its connected to the computer.

how can i set it up so it can be used as a wireless access point? is this possible? Or can I do it another way?

so this is how i want it to be.
A-router is connected to the internet (which is downstairs) (my brother has access to it) the wireless laptops work fine downstairs.
the network cable which is runs upstairs i connect that to the netgear dg834gt and have another network cable running from the Netgear dg834gt to the computer and set it up as a wireless access point.

what setting do i need to put in the netgear dg834gt for the above to work?
Is the above possible?

Please can anyone shed any light on this, and how I can do it?


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Default Re: setting up a wireless access point


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Old 08-03-2010, 10:24 AM   #3
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Default Re: setting up a wireless access point

are these cable routers or ADSL routers?

if you've got a cable router, (one with a regular network port in it).

then you can use router A downstairs and have it feed wireless signal A everywhere that it can reach.
you could then feed a cable from router A's LAN port to the internet port of router B and have wireless network B upstairs.

you can even give wireless networks A and B the same SSID and access keys so they look like the same network.

As far as I now there are no ways that you can extend the range of wireless access point A using a different router.

There are some wireless access points that are set up such that you can extend a LAN and extend wireless for the LAN.

trying to do it with a couple of routers is going to end in all kind of headaches regarding routing, DHCP, DNS gateway addresses communications between machines attached to the different wireless networks.

if I find the time I'll have a little experiment at home with a couple of spare routers to see if I can extend the wireless range. but really the easiest way to do it is going to be to use a proper wireless access point.
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Default Re: setting up a wireless access point

thank you for your reply, i will try and experient differnet ways.

they are adsl routers

so what you have said is it possible?
i only want to try it as i have a spare router, i dont mind messing with the router setting, if it works then that would be great.
i will try and to it different ways. i dont really have access to the downstairs router thou...
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Default Re: setting up a wireless access point

Man that's as simple as changing yer socks.
Connect a cable from a computer to the adsl modem/router. Go in to the programming and disable the DHCP server function. In the set up page make the IP static and save the page. No info is needed. Now plug in the feed from the router downstairs to any of the 4 network ports. Plug in your brother's computer with a straight through patch cable. he may have to do a repair on the connection. Then from your laptop look for the ssid from the device and connect.
You might want to change the ssid in the programming but that's up to you.
I did this with two Netopia dsl modem/routers a while back when we switched over to cable. Not only did it save having to buy more access points but they have great receiver sensitivity and punch out a killer signal.
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