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Default Setting up an ftp server how to?

Alright I have filezilla ftp server downloaded, but I guess I am kind of curious on where to go from here. Never done it before, what do I register as my ip address to my ftp server? At first I just assumed I would assign my lan ip address for my ftp to access the allow port access through port 21 but that didn't seem to work.

I understand setting everything up basically, and unblocking the firewall to allow port access but I am confused on how I get my ftp server actually setup where I can have a folder on my system that people can access, what do I assign as the ip address for people to access it? was automatically setup and it allowed me access to it, but only on the local network. Even with the ports opened, how do I setup an ftp where multiple people can access it ?


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Default Re: Setting up an ftp server how to?

I got it to work with titan ftp I guess filezilla just doesn't like routers, anyways it wont let me upload videos on it the entire point of me doing this... oh well

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Default Re: Setting up an ftp server how to?

I think the network would look something more along these lines

Computer A ----- Router ---- Internet
Computer B --------|

If you want the internet to be able to access your FTP server you'd have to have port forwarding enabled to the computer and port hosting the FTP server. Sometimes routers support dynamic domain name and it'll make it easier to access your server via that way.

If you're accessing within the network you'll just have to know the IP address or domain name (If you're hosting a DNS server) to the box with the FTP services.

Either case the ports and FTP has to be functional and properly configured for it to work. If you need help setting up your FTP try consulting the manual or reading the documentation.
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Talking Re: Setting up an ftp server how to?

enter as server address. For the server port, you have to enter the same port number you did specify during installation for the admin port. (default: 14147)

Dude, RTFM http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/documentation/

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